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Þjóðarspegillinn 2019: Abstract guideline for authors

Abstracts should be a minimum of 170 words or a maximum of 220 words. (Please respect the criterion)

The title of the presentation and the names of authors should be indicated.

The name of the seminar which the presentation belongs to should be indicated, if it is known.  

Abstracts must be proofread and ready for publication in an abstract book. 

Care should be given to the wording of the abstracts. Concepts should be clearly explained and abbreviations used purposefully and minimally. 

A study summary should clearly explain the objective, hypothesis, method, implementation as well as interpretation of the main outcomes or lessons learned from the study.

Abstracts within the same seminar must be specified by the name of the seminar. Care must be taken that the name of the seminar is the same between abstracts. 

Abstracts within the same seminar should have a common theme. If there is no obvious relation between presentations in a predefined seminar Þjóðarspegill´s staff  may find such presentations a more suitable place in the final agenda. 

Abstracts will be evaluated according to an assessment sheet. Authors will receive the assessment if a revision of an abstract is needed. Failure to comply with the comments within the time allocated may result in a rejection of the presentation. 

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