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Immigrant attitudes in the Westfjords and East Iceland: Comparison between regions


Promoters: Heiður Hrund Jónsdóttir, Kristín Erla Harðardóttir, Kristjana Stella Blöndal

Customer: Quarterly Westfjords Association and the Association of East Iceland

Submission Report: January 2005


Description of the research / survey

In the autumn of 2004 the report The Beliefs of Immigrants in the Westfjords and East Iceland was published in cooperation with the Institute of Social Sciences. This was a survey in which the aim was to explore among immigrants residence, legal status, language skills, participation in social work, utilization and attitude to various types of services and employment.


The report did not make a comparison between immigrants in East Iceland and the West Fjords. The aim of this discussion is to present the results of such a comparison.



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