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Icelandic National Election Study - ICENES

Here you can access information and data from the Icelandic National Election Study. In the drop-down menu to the left you can click on each year and download data as an SPSS file, along with a questionnaire, codebook and a data collection report. You can also view and analyze the results of the Icelandic National Election Study in Nesstar WebView which is an interactive web applications managed by Social Science Research Institute. Nesstar WebView gives you descriptive statistics of The Icelandic Election Study online..Some errors were in the first release, they can be seen HERE. The errors have been fixed in the second release which has been uploaded here.

Click here to view the ICENES statistics in Nesstar WebView


About Icelandic National Election Study – ICENES

Ólafur Þ. Harðarson, Professor of Political Science, performed pioneering work when he started ICENES in 1983, and since the ICENES has been conducted after every national election. In 2016, Eva H. Önnudóttir, Associate Professor of Political Science took over as the Principal Investigator of ICENES. Other members of the steering committee of ICENES are Hulda Þórisdóttir, Associate Professor, Agnar Freyr Helgason Assistant Professor and Jón Gunnar Ólafsson, Post-doctoral researcher, all at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Iceland.

ICENES is an extensive study of the electoral and political behaviour of voters in Iceland. Research topics include voting behaviour, attitudes towards political parties and democracy, the most important political tasks, participation in primaries and other issues on the political agenda.

ICENES is part of the Nordic Electoral Democracy (NED) a Nordic collaborative program on democracy and elections; Comparative Studies of Electoral Systems (CSES) and True European Voter (TEV) which are international collaborative programs on election studies.

Standardization of datasets between years

Almost all variable names, variable labels and value labels for questions that have been repeated across studies have been standardized in the ICENES data. Users of the data are asked to verify, using the codebooks, that wording of the questions or values have not been changed across studies. For example the question about which party the respondent voted for in 1991 the Social Democratic Party has the value 1 but in 2007 the value 1 refers to the Social Democratic Alliance.

In this pdf-document, the changes and adjustments that have been made to the datasets and coding can be seen, both in Icelandic and English.


Please cite the Icelandic National Election Study – ICENES 

Those who use the ICENES data, whether it is for a presentation, teaching or publishing, are asked to cite or refer to the study as applicable. Furthermore, please notify Eva Heiða Önnudóttir (eho@hi.is) via email if you publish a paper using data from ICENES. We plan to publish a ICENES Bibliography citing publications known to utilize the ICENES data.

If you have any queries or comments on ICENES please send an email to icenes@hi.is.

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