Háskóli Íslands


The Icelandic Social Science Data Service (DATICE) was established in late 2018 and is located at the University of Iceland's Social Science Research Institute (SSRI). DATICE is a collector and supplier of Icelandic social science research data. Its role is to prepare research data for open access as well as provide support on the usage of data for publication. DATICE operates according to the CESSDA ERIC Consortium of European Social Data Archives guidelines. 


The data service is financed by the School of Social Sciences with a contribution from the University of Icelands centennial fund. 


Board of DATICE:


Guðbjörg Andrea Jónsdóttir, Director, Social Science Research Institute,
Hulda Proppé, Research Director, School of Social Sciences,
Þorgerður Einarsdóttir, Chair, Science Committee, School of Social Sciences.

Data Curation Manager: Örnólfur Thorlacius, ort@hi.is

Þú ert að nota: brimir.rhi.hi.is